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Booking an appointment at The Radiance Lab and Wellness Center is easy and convenient. Our expert team is here to provide personalized treatments tailored to your unique needs. Click below to schedule your session and start your journey to a more radiant, confident you.


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Modern Equipment

State-of-the-art technology ensures the highest quality treatments for optimal results and unparalleled skincare and wellness experiences.

Qualified Staff

Our highly trained and certified professionals provide expert care, ensuring safe and effective treatments for every client.

Effective Results

Experience transformative results with our proven treatments, designed to deliver noticeable improvements and enhance your natural beauty.


At The Radiance Lab and Wellness Center, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments tailored to meet your unique beauty and wellness needs. Each service is designed to deliver exceptional results, ensuring you leave our spa feeling revitalized, confident, and radiant.


Brenda Vargas

RN Nurse Injector

April Fabro

RN and Wellness Coach

Melissa Jaimes

RN Nurse Injector

Shanni Sabag

RN Nurse Injector


What should I expect during my first visit?

Your first visit begins with a comprehensive consultation where our experts will assess your skin and discuss your aesthetic goals. We will recommend personalized treatment options and answer any questions you may have to ensure you feel comfortable and informed.

Are your treatments safe?

Yes, all our treatments are performed by highly trained and certified professionals using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. We prioritize your safety and comfort, adhering to the highest standards of medical care and hygiene.

How do I know which treatment is right for me?

Our team will guide you through the selection process during your initial consultation. We’ll evaluate your skin type, concerns, and goals to recommend the most suitable treatments to achieve the best results for you.

Is there any downtime after treatments?

Most of our treatments are non-invasive or minimally invasive, requiring little to no downtime. However, the recovery time can vary depending on the specific treatment. During your consultation, we will provide detailed post-treatment care instructions and inform you about any necessary recovery time.

How often should I schedule treatments?

The frequency of treatments depends on the type of service and your individual needs. Some treatments, like facials, may be done monthly, while others, like SylframX, may require a series of sessions spaced several weeks apart. We will create a personalized treatment plan to ensure optimal results.

Do you offer packages or memberships?

Yes, we offer a variety of packages and memberships designed to provide you with ongoing care and savings. Our packages bundle popular treatments for comprehensive care, while our memberships offer exclusive benefits and discounts. Contact us to learn more about our current offerings and find the perfect plan for your needs.


(310) 359-0091

9025 Wilshire blvd #202 , Beverly Hills California 90211

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